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Skill Development

Through targeted activities and guided instruction, campers are empowered to enhance their abilities, learn new techniques, and gain confidence in their skills across a variety of sports and activities.

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Physical Fitness

Emphasizing the importance of a active lifeestyle, our program includes routines designed to improve overall fitness, endurance, and strength, leaving our campers with a greater appreciation for physical well-being.



Fostering an environment of respect and fairness, sportsmanship encourages campers to compete gracefully and support one another, regardless of the outcome.

Welcome to GSA's Summer Camp, where every day is an adventure filled with fun, learning, and the beautiful game of soccer! Designed for athletes from ages 5-14 of all skill levels, our camp promises a summer packed with professional coaching, skill-building drills, and the chance to make lifelong friends. Our experienced coaches are committed to making learning fun and helping each camper improve their skills, teamwork, and love for the game.

Summer Camp 2024

Daily Camp Schedule 

At Global Soccer Academy, we are excited to offer a comprehensive summer camp designed to enhance young athletes' soccer skills while also engaging them in fun and diverse activities. Our camp schedule is carefully crafted to balance rigorous soccer training with enjoyable recreational activities, ensuring a holistic development approach. Our aim is to foster a love for the game, improve technical skills, and promote a healthy lifestyle among all our campers. Below is our detailed daily schedule, which is thoughtfully arranged to maximize learning and fun. Please note that activities may be adjusted based on weather conditions and other unforeseen circumstances to ensure the best experience for everyone.

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