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Travel players aged 6-9 practice twice a week during the fall and spring seasons. They play games on Saturdays and Sundays. On Saturday, teams play at EDP Futures Festival: Four short (20 minute) small-sided games against top New Jersey youth academies. On Sundays we play in the EDP 7 on 7 League. This program allows our players to develop their skills against strong competition. Smaller sides afford young players more chances on the ball, which develop their skills at a faster rate.


Players aged 10-13 are expected to show even more dedication and commitment to the team, training three times a week with games on Sundays in the 9 on 9 EDP Futures League or 11 on 11 games for the older boys & girls. 

During winter all our teams practice indoors. 

A Total Team Experience........

"Many believe that team sport teaches us the value of working together for a common goal, yet this is not a guarantee. It does however give coaches the opportunity to teach these skills when the right environment is presented. 

Mandatory training gives players a perspective on how to improve skills, technique, and a tactical understanding of the game.  Games allow teams to evaluate their progress both individually and collectively. Our core values are measured in a real life environment of competition.

Every age group has their own part in a curriculum that develops soccer players by combining European and American player development models. It offers the best of all worlds, making it truly global."

Coach Karim

Director of Coaching

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